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The New Leader, Congratulations On Your Promotion! Now What?
Title: The New Leader, Congratulations On Your Promotion! Now What?

: Robert L. Bailey



Genre: Non-Fiction

Book Summary:

Promotions are on of life's most challenging times, even ahead of death of a family member, divorce, moving and managing teenage children. Learn how to approach the job with confidence encourage your employees to buy-in to your organization's mission, and become a truly effective leader. You will learn what you should do on your first few days and weeks on the job, the simple but critically important principle that drives all effective leadership,why most leaders fall and so much more... This is the best-selling manual for new leaders and some not so new. What are you waiting for? The New Leader, by Robert L. Bailey

isbn: (paperback) - 9780982254004
isbn: (hardcover) -

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