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The Button Club, The Mourning of a Repentive Man
Title: The Button Club, The Mourning of a Repentive Man

: Ralph C. Walls



Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Book Summary:

Mankind's inability to take responsibility for his actions has plagued him from the beginning of time. Everyone wants to point the finger of blame to someone or something for the problems they face; it was the way my parents raised me or my fellow workers pushed me to the limit, the children drove me to do it, my spouse gave me no choice. It's an endless barrage of excuses and blame to justify our actions. This blame game started in the Garden of Eden, with Adam blaming Eve, Eve blaming the serpent, and Adam blaming God for giving him Eve and the blame game has continued to this day. In his book, Flowers in the Crags, author Ralph Walls reveals how he struggled with anger and at times rage in his life and how his young family took the brunt of his actions until he had a life changing experience with Jesus Christ. The Button Club came to be as the result of a question being asked to him during a men's conference on healing. The question was, "when did you first experience anger?" After a short pause he gave an answer that he thought was right at the time but as the days passed he felt that there had to be more so in the weeks and months that followed he decided to dig into his past for the answers. The more he discovered the more questions he had, but the one that he wanted to know the most was; why would God even allow me to exist if He knew what I was going to do? Even though this is his story, it is a story for everyone who has ever had a problem with anger, rage and guilt. It is also for those who have been on the receiving end of someone's anger and abusive ways. This book could change your life!

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