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New Found Souls Book Three: The Piper from T'P'S'L
Title: New Found Souls Book Three: The Piper from T'P'S'L

: Alice A. Moerk



Genre: Educational

Book Summary:

NEW FOUND SOULS are novels of survival and renewal. They mark turning points in the lives of individuals forced to come to terms with unseemly realties, who must redefine themselves. The joy that was Porter Owen, The Piper of T'P'S'L, vanished after a disastrous television interview. His niece, Alexis, wants to find out what happened to the famed composer and dives into a maelstrom of family intrigue as she brings Porter back to the world-only to lose him again as brother battles brother. Book 3 of New Found Souls is a lyrical tribute to the 20th century as it moves from the network studios of Chicago to the coves of Newfoundland, from the trenches of Dunkirk and the lights of Paris in the '20s to the modern stage.

isbn: (paperback) - 9781936051991
isbn: (hardcover) -

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