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: Elisabeth Stevens



Genre: Poetry

Book Summary:

RAGBAG is the twelfth book and fourth collection of poetry by prize-winning fiction writer/artist/critic Elisabeth Goss Stevens. RAGBAG focuses intensely, and often humorously, on the mundane but powerful things that dominate our everyday lives. Old clothes, zippers, an elastic sock, an empty refrigerator and even dust assume unexpected, sometimes threatening importance and underlying meanings. "Anyone reading Elisabeth Stevens' poetry will be drawn in by the depth of its emotion and simultaneous control: the perception is wonderfully acute." Josephine Jacobsen, 21st poet laureate of the United States "Comic irony is the lens through which Elisabeth Stevens views her world of spare romance and failed expectations as well as fulfilling moments of daily joy. Beneath the wry comedy is a terror at what has not been seen and which may yet reappear more boldly. The combination makes her poems teasing and quirky, and quietly but powerfully provocative." Martin Tucker, poet, critic and editor of Confrontation

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