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Frozen Music
Title: Frozen Music

: Alice A. Moerk



Genre: Fiction

Book Summary:

New Found Souls are novels of survival and renewal. They mark the turning point in the lives of individuals forced to come to terms with unseemly realities, who must redefine themselves. During years of hiding, Sharkey Robinson and her family lived full, fruitful and happy, yet anonymous, lives. Their past catches up with them, however, when they rescue a former student arrested for soliciting, and a famed television producer seeks an interview. Their queries bring disaster to a family that must now decide who is to be sacrificed for the sake of the children. Book 4 of NewFoundSouls takes place in coastal Mexico. It brings together a bereaved Amanda Bellman (Bk.2), the effervescent Alexis Owen (Bk.3) and the brilliant psychologies and author, Sharkey Robinson (Bk. 1 ) in a twist of fate that leads to the ultimate climax. PRAISE FOR HER FIRST NOVEL, The Waters of Lethe, - Book 1 "Easy to read with an unexpected story apex, the satisfying revenge... The plots and subplots were rich and well-intertwined." -V. Batts, Raleigh, NC ...And for Silent Signals - Book 2 "So powerful! I am so haunted by the Boys and heartened by the survival strength of Amanda. And the writing is equally strong. Bravo!" - Dr. Elizabeth Waterson, London, Ontario ...And for The Piper of T'P'S'L - Book 3 "...brilliant. I laughed at your expression(s)... the dialogue grabs the reader beautifully. This portrait is fabulous." -Danni Russell, Paris, France

isbn: (paperback) - 9781936343478
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