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Casper, The Friendly Service Dog
Title: Casper, The Friendly Service Dog

: Wayland Massey



Genre: Children's

Book Summary:

When we met Wayland, we knew he was the perfect person for Casper to share her life with. The partnership shared by Casper and Wayland is an inspiration. They continue to overcome challenges and "open doors" to educate and enrich others around them. -Sharon and Craig Latimer, Casper's puppy raisers Wayland and his talented dog, Casper, were favorite visitors to my classroom where they listened patiently to the children ages 6 to 9 years old, read their stories out loud. The children used to count the days until the pair would come, as they took pride in selecting special stories for Casper's enjoyment. Even the most timid readers were eager to share their reading prowess with Wayland and his gentle dog. Always accepting, always interested, Casper and Wayland became a beloved addition to the children's lives. -Janice Mattina, Director and Teacher at Center Montessori School, Bradenton, Florida Casper's story was written not only for enjoyment and pleasure but also for children to understand and appreciate the life of a service dog. This story depicts a positive message, illustrating Casper's happy-go-lucky lifestyle with actual photographs, while maintaining a strong sense of importance and duty. To this day, Casper enjoys an active life at her home with the author, Wayland Massey, in Bradenton, Florida.

isbn: (paperback) - 9781936343737
isbn: (hardcover) - 9781936343898

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