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A Straight Line Bending, New and Selected Poems
Title: A Straight Line Bending, New and Selected Poems

: Anthony Castro



Genre: Poetry

Book Summary:

Gathered together in this volume are over two hundred and fifty poems from Anthony Castro. Included are his first published poems from Manhattan Quarterly when he was an emerging poet, to his most recent songs. Throughout his eminent career, Castro has experimented with different forms and styles, even creating an innovative form in 89 blinks that recognizes the inherent duality of all things while drawing the reader into an intimacy with the poem's experience. Anthony Castro seeks to see reality and show the world as it is. "He celebrates the uniqueness of people and allows into his songs the sublime, the sad and the proximity of death-in life, along with a joy of language, a delight in humor and recognition of the holiness of love."

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isbn: (hardcover) - 9781936343812

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