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The Optional Element, The Keys to Developing a Successful Prayer Life
Title: The Optional Element, The Keys to Developing a Successful Prayer Life

: Dr. David Sutton



Genre: Inspirational

Book Summary:

This book represents a culmination of a life of walking with the Lord that has now extended over 30 years. It is a compilation of wisdom and information from meetings I have attended, sermons I have listened to, books I have read, people I have helped and tried to help, mentors who have spoken into my life and of course it is a reflection of the daily building of my relationship with God. I have attempted to take of the best of what I have heard, learned and experienced and provide it in a organized understandable manner. It is my heart desire that anyone who begins to read these pages can glean from the grace I have been afforded. From the person just trying to find a connection with God to the seasoned veteran with years of prayer experience and communication with God, it is my goal that all can find help and understanding from this writing. This is in no way presented to be an exhaustive study of prayer and hearing from God, but more a tapestry of one mans real life experience. Having stood in front of and face to face with thousands of people trying to find God and make a connection with God, I have seen first hand the disappointment that comes from the lack of having a developed prayer life. On the brighter side I have seen thousands of people come out of the struggle in their prayer life to find a better connection with the Lord in their daily living. Of course there is talk of my personal challenges in finding and developing my own prayer life. My struggle to find a daily connection with God, my disappointment and confusion with the people of God who can't or won't deal with their own failures and ultimately finding the courage as a Christian and a Minister to openly admit my struggle. This is a journey worth mentioning in that many of the people I meet have the same challenge. It is my hope that my open discussion of this subject will help you in your personal journey with your faith and success in prayer. David Sutton

isbn: (paperback) - 9781614930815
isbn: (hardcover) - 9781614930808

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