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In Dreams
Title: In Dreams

: Robert Logan



Genre: Fiction

Book Summary:

In the mountainous outskirts of Boulder, Colorado a serial killer begins killing people in the same exact manner as four unsolved murders in the area from forty-one years ago. The police suspect a copycat. But when Jack Corbitt experiences a bizarre phenomenon, he begins to believe the police are dead wrong.

During a series of a new life saving cancer treatment, Jack's brain is somehow able to open a mysterious portal to the past. He is stunned to discover that he is able to communicate with Maggie Roper, a newspaper reporter from forty-one years ago who is investigating the unsolved murders.

The telepathic connections come in the form of dreams after each treatment. Jack helps Maggie investigate the brutal murders of the four people in 1971. By doing so, he discovers that a serial killer is not only murdering people in the present, but is also slicing through time as well. Using the same para-psychological event as Jack, the killer is able to commit these gruesome crimes again in the past.

Knowing that his telepathic abilities will likely end when his treatments are finished, Jack must race against time - and through time to stop a deranged present day serial killer who has the ability to murder through the mind of a serial killer in the past. Jack knows that the only way to stop this psychotic murderer is - In Dreams.

isbn: (paperback) - 978-1-61493-029-7
isbn: (hardcover) - 978-1-61493-090-7

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