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A Soldier of Chance
Title: A Soldier of Chance

: Nathan Rosenfeld, Ph.D.,



Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Book Summary:

A Soldier of Chance -Every Survivor has a story to tell...

This IS HIS A heroic personal account of a man's will to survive the Holocaust, this Narrative speaks to a timeless struggle: finding one's identity amidst crisis. During a volatile time of hatred and war, Alex Rosenfeld disguises his identity as a Polish Jew and creates a new life as a French non-Jew. In so doing, Alex successfully averts concentration camps and ignominious death. Instead, he works diligently alongside the despised Germans in factories before escaping to join the French Resistance. Nathan Rosenfeld's account is supported throughout by historical documentation, blending history with personal experiences and revealing true aspects of life.

Through its combination of life experience and history, this book addresses the universal need for greater understanding and awareness of diversity, democracy, and peace. A Solider of Chance retells the true story of a Holocaust survivor. Although completely based upon one man's memory and verified by extensive research, this memoir reads like a novel through the experience of Alex Rosenfeld. It vividly portrays the history of an unforgettable time.

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isbn: (hardcover) - 978161493038-9

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