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Bleeding Green
Title: Bleeding Green

: Anne James



Genre: Fiction

Book Summary:


The only sound was the rustling of palm fronds. Early morning humidity glistened in droplets on the skin of the two naked women bound together at the ankle by a thin blue nylon rope. So begins the story of Ranger Laurel Greg; crazy prescribed burns, fundamental Christian relatives, and a cold-blooded ranger the loose. Laurel and her huge St. Bernard, Jackson share their park residence with Dr.Brodie Black, an environmental professor, her partner. Laurel tackles her responsibilities as a park ranger in hot, humid, Central Florida. A summons to the family farm throws Laurel into the past where she was shunned by relatives. The stalking by ex-ranger, Ernie Buckle, begins. As Laurel sifts through her information as to why Ernie Buckle has such hatred toward all women in the park service, doubts arise about her manager, Boyd Warner.

Anne James is also the author of, No Woman is An Island

Cover design by: Linda Russell-Walton
Praise for Bleeding Green "Original and brilliant..." --Russell Review

"Compelling...and immensely engaging ...unabashedly sexy!" - --The W Works "A real page turner...HOT!" - T.M.Productions

isbn: (paperback) - 978-1-61493-119-5
isbn: (hardcover) -

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