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The Crumb Snatchers
Title: The Crumb Snatchers

: Debra Thompson


Illustrator/s:Tammy Dennis

Genre: Children's

Book Summary:

The Crumb Snatchers is a humorous tale about the mishaps of Penny Lenske who is a seven year old whiz kid and the youngest of three girls in the Lenske house. Mr. Lenske calls the girls his little Crumb Snatchers. Heidi is the family cat and Penny's special little friend. In The Crumb Snatchers, Heidi looks on as Penny attempts to reach a canister of chocolate chip cookies setting high on top of the kitchen pantry. Will Penny end up with more cookie crumbs than chocolate chip cookies?

isbn: (paperback) - 978-1-61493-037-2
isbn: (hardcover) -

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