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1605 Remodeled, Parenting at its Best
Title: 1605 Remodeled, Parenting at its Best

: S. P. Luke Crawford



Genre: Non-Fiction

Book Summary:

Parenting is a hot topic in current publishing. Raising children whether in 1930 or 2007, with changes in life style, communications, education, values, the task is much the same. Children need attention, love, respect, discipline, fun and security. The witness of my parents gave me the stamina to face challenges, disappointments, pain life, to be unafraid of risk-taking and to enjoy success, and the panacea of laughter. My two older brothers and sisters, exhibiting a similar love of life, also march across these pages. Enjoy reading 1605 Remodeled, Parenting at its Best!

isbn: (paperback) - 9781934246337
isbn: (hardcover) -

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