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Spaced Out Gerbil
Title: Spaced Out Gerbil

: Kathy Lang


Illustrator/s:Sue Cotton

Genre: Children's

Book Summary:

Inspired by real events that happened when we had, at the same time, an Australian shepherd name Samantha and a gerbil. The gerbil somehow got out of his pen and was lost for a couple of days. Samantha was on Sonya's bed one evening and heard something scratching around under it. At that time, the girls were big Star Wars fans, so we had a lot of the spaceships and figurines. From under the bed, we pulled out the millennium falcon and lo and behold, the gerbil was in it among all the Start Wars figurines. It was a hilarious sight to see. And that is how this story came about...

isbn: (paperback) - 9781614931904
isbn: (hardcover) -

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