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Murky, Quirky, Beserky Math
Title: Murky, Quirky, Beserky Math

: Margaret Desjardins


Illustrator/s:Lisa Bohart

Genre: Children's

Book Summary:

Tumbling, stumbling, and fumbling over math problems can make a student downright besersky. Enjoy a humorous look at the stress students feel about high stakes math testing... Strategies are developed into the story to help students remember what the teacher has taught them. What's the key to solving these murky, quirky problems without going beserky? The way to arrive at the answer is clear? Read on... "Murky Math is a humorous approach to conquering math anxiety... this book encapsulates the joy of working hard on mathematic exercises, sweating, erasing, and finally solving the mathematical mysteries which surrounds each and every learner." - C. Smith, Professor of Mathematics, Edison State College, Florida "As a math teacher and mum of three children who are nearing school age, this is a fun and whimsical story illustrating how having confidence in your own hard work and your teacher is the path to learning success." - K. Sharp, math teacher and mum of three. Glasgow, Scotland "Fun to read and attention-grabbing. Murky, Quirky, Beserky Math is motivating and accessible for all students." - Katherine, middle school math teacher, Massachusetts. Get to know more about each of the characters...use fun games, and other fun activities by going to:

isbn: (paperback) - 9781614932109
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