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"If Kennedy Gets in the way...shoot him." - Mark 11.22.13 - One Confession -One Remaining Assassin
Title: "If Kennedy Gets in the way...shoot him." - Mark 11.22.13 - One Confession -One Remaining Assassin

: John Gold



Genre: Biography

Book Summary:

The Sin. The Truth. The Confession. "If you had to kill the Pope would you do it?" "Only if it depended on national security." - In November of 1962 one hundred and twenty-five men- new recruits barely out of boot camp - from the Army, Navy, and Marines were taken to the U.S. Naval Training center in San Diego. For ten days, each as uninformed as the recruit next to the, were shuttled to an unnamed facility to undergo psychological profiling under the watch of- what was then called, their instructors. On the eleventh day fifty remained. The fifty, given new identities, were flown to North Carolina where they endured physical and mental assessment until thirty remained then twenty, then ten. The psychological evaluations the ten were subjected to could only be called torture. The physical torments made boot camp seem like preschool. At the end, six remained. Six men, who over the course of the next year, would become an elite squad of military snipers. An assassination team with an undisclosed mission - to them. Mark- eighteen, less than four months in the U.S. Navy- was one of the six chosen to fire three bullets on November 22, 1963. "If Kennedy gets in the way...shoot him" is his confession. "A sniper hears the bullet regardless of the silence. He wanted the silencer removed."

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