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A Will of Her Own
Title: A Will of Her Own

: Anne N. Reynolds



Genre: Fiction

Book Summary:

Genre: Fiction Romance

Katie Mulholland pulls J.D. Stetson from his truck in a Louisiana canal and sets into motion a series of events which will change her life forever. Five years later, J.D.'s grandson and CEO of Stetson Enterprises, enters Katie's life. His mission is to bring Katie to the reading of J.D. Stetson's Last Will and Testament. Judd Stetson is an angry man, a man who believes Katie has wormed her way into J.D.'s life and taken advantage of him. Unlike Judd's other women Katie presents a challenge. Katie finds J.D.'s life had changed because of her actions, and his Will is the only way for him to fix the past and keep Judd from making the same mistakes he made. The Will brings Judd's seven-year-old daughter, Dori, back into his life and places Katie with them at Corazon, his Florida ranch. Everyone knows what J.D. has in mind. Judd does not put out the welcome mat. He brings Helene, his wife's sister and Dori's guardian, to Corazon as a barrier to his growing attraction to Katie. Judd discovers through conflict, frustration, and her bid for independence that Katie has a will of her own. Anne Nichols Reynolds is also the author of Winter Harvest. She is an award winning poet, and a finalist in the Royal Palm Literary Awards in novel, short story, and poetry. A Will of Her Own, placed second in the Royal Palms Literary Awards for Pre-Published Women's fiction.

isbn: (paperback) - 978-1-61493-303-8
isbn: (hardcover) - 978-1-61493-304-5

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