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Marked Through Hearts
Title: Marked Through Hearts

: Madisyn G Wandall

Co-Author/s: Melissa Wandall


Genre: Non-Fiction

Book Summary:

May you find your sign of love on this journey through life... We dedicate this book in loving Memory, to Mark Jeffrey Wandall. In your loss; you gave life. Your love is the beacon that guides us to never lose faith, to always have hope and forever surround with grace. And to Tammy Lynn Wolfe your short life was a gift. Through young eyes I watched you battle gracefully, love unconditionally and live to the fullest. Thank you for providing me the will, strength and grace to be a survivor! To Grammy T., a true survivor and the utmost mentor; your wisdom, fortitude and love remain deeply etched in our hearts. Madisyn Grace may not have known you all physically but she is the beautiful person today because you paid it forward by loving, shaping and impacting my life in an optimistic and loving manner.

isbn: (paperback) - 9781614932949
isbn: (hardcover) -

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