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Still Wearing My Heels, Surviving SJS/TEN: The Cruelest Syndrome of Modern Medicine
Title: Still Wearing My Heels, Surviving SJS/TEN: The Cruelest Syndrome of Modern Medicine

: Michelle Frazzetto



Genre: Autobiography Biography

Book Summary:

Still Wearing My Heels - A True Story of Faith and Courage Michelle Frazzetto writes a riveting memoir of finding one's inner vision even in the throes of blindness. Her heritage will take you to the beautiful, ancient cities of Italy and then to a world of opportunity on Wall Street where her promising new career behinds her first love flourishes with a young executive despite a female office rival. Just when everything seems perfect, it comes to an abrupt halt. She is hospitalized with deadly symptoms ravaging her body and mind, making her totally unrecognizable to family and friends. Only her heroic mother remains constantly by her side. While on the verge of death, Michelle is finally diagnosed. As she fights for her life, she is mercifully placed into a medically-induced coma. At the edge of this abyss, she faces a choice between life and death. How would you choose? Michelle invites you into her soul to see for yourself. *** "A triumphant achievement! Her strength of character and tenacity shine. Michelle reveals with candor and a fiery spirit the most critical parts of recovery from SJS/TEN. This book could save your life." - Dr. Mark Lister, MD, New York - "A living example of faith, hope, and perseverance...a source of inspiration to all readers." - Dr. Richard Torricelli, MD, Florida - "A heroic, moving account of brave young woman and her mother's unflagging determination; the miraculous power of faith, and the healing power of love...It is also a story of lessons." - Dr. Robert Kellum, ND, PHD, L.Ac., Oregon

isbn: (paperback) - 9781614932888
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