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Albee, A Thresher Shark
Title: Albee, A Thresher Shark

: Edna Duran


Illustrator/s:Hope Valiente

Genre: Children's

Book Summary:

"Teasing and bullying really hurt someone's feelings. May I say this, to do to others as you want others to do to you! It's a very strong message. We may have different moms and dads but we all have same needs...such as food for energy, clean water to swim in and drink, sleep to rest our bodies and care from humans to make us healthy and happy. Last reminder...we should share and enjoy this large body of water, because none of us own it." - Albee "Those bullies and teasers lacked discipline! They bully and tease because they are not sure about themselves and they want attention!" - Apo "Humans are trying to destroy our environment. Pretty soon they will have no sea creatures to enjoy." -Bennie "If humans care about themselves...they should care about us too!" -Minda "If you want to be happy look to the future, not the past...just learn from the past then build a better future." - Albee

isbn: (paperback) - 9781614933137
isbn: (hardcover) - 9781614933373

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