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Write From Your Heart, A Collection of Memories from Pepper Tree's Past
Title: Write From Your Heart, A Collection of Memories from Pepper Tree's Past

: Julie Ann Howell



Genre: Fiction

Book Summary:

An opportunity is clearly defined as a favorable or advantageous circumstance, or simply a chance of progress or advancement. As the late Eleanor Roosevelt so eloquently stated, "If you prepare will be able to grasp opportunity for a broader experience when it appears." A wise woman indeed, if I say so myself, she virtually pinpointed my thoughts when I planted The Pepper Tree Magazine, A Not-For-Profit Literary Venue in the garden of my surrounding communities. For the past three years, talented writers and illustrators of all ages have been submitting to this fine venue to not only receive that byline that they so deserve, but to express themselves with words and art. My Mission Statement: To Give Unknown Writers and Illustrators a chance to become known. As a fund raiser for this magazine and to celebrate their fine work, I have compiled a collection of short stories and poetry entitled, Write From Your Heart. My advise to writers that submit to The Pepper Tree Magazine is to, "Write what you know and write it from your heart." The perfect title for this book.. Enjoy!

isbn: (paperback) - 9781934246559
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