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Bogies at 12 O'Clock
Title: Bogies at 12 O'Clock

: Dr. Lucy Cole



Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Book Summary:

Bogies at Twelve O'Clock is a true World War II story that encompasses fascinating and unknown details in the daily life of a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft III in Sagan, Poland. It all started with a surprise early morning wakeup call in Foggia Italy April 23, 1944 at which time Air Corps Bombardier Lt. Jack Cole was ordered to fly with a new crew over the skies to Wiener Neustadt, Austria. This mission turned into an awful air combat fight at which time the back of his B-17 Bomber was shot off. After parachuting out and landing in a newly plowed Austrian field, he was captured and began his 13 months of gruelimng confinement as a Prisoner of War of the Nazis.

isbn: (paperback) - 9781934246139
isbn: (hardcover) -

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